Six Ways To Act On The First Date With A Guy

a couple on a dinner dateOne of the most exciting parts of life is the act of dating. Spending time with a guy on a date can be a fun and romantic experience for a woman.

But for a first date to be successful, you would be wise to follow certain unwritten rules. Of course, there is no one way to behave on a date. However, keeping the following six unwritten rules in mind can lead to a more successful first date.

1. Be On Time

Nothing shows a lack of consideration for another person more than showing up late. If your date is at 7 p.m., be there at 7 p.m., or even a little earlier. Don’t come at 7:30 p.m.

2. Dress to Impress

The way a woman dresses for a first date can not only give off a good impression to the guy, but it can also help a woman feel her best. Take care to present an attractive hairstyle, do your makeup, wear clothing that shows a bit of sex appeal, but is also comfortable and feels good wearing. High heeled shoes look attractive on a woman’s feet, but if you have difficulty walking in them, choose sexy but sensible shoes instead viagra bestellen per nachnahme. Don’t overdo it.

Don’t dress in a way that requires you to check yourself in a mirror every half hour. Keep it sexy but simple. Here are some great tips for what to wear on a first date from

If you still need more advice on what to wear on your firs date, check out this video on what guys like women to wear on that first important meeting with your first date.

3. Don’t Hog The Conversation

A successful dating experience means that there are some give and take. Talk about yourself a bit, but allow the guy you are dating to discuss himself as well. However, if it looks like he’s the kind of guy who won’t let you get a word in edgewise, that should help you decide if he is the kind of person you would want to date a second time.

4. Offer To Pay Half the Bill

In the old days, the guy always paid the bill. But in the 21st century, a woman shows she’s considerate by offering to pay at least half the bill. Going “dutch” on a first date is entirely appropriate and indicates that you are not there to take advantage.

5. Mind Your Manners

What your mother and father taught you about manners comes into play here. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Don’t pick your nose. Don’t talk overly loud. Be a pleasant person. If the guy you’re dating does not follow these rules, then this is another indicator that a second date may not be a wise move.

6. Put Your Cell Phone Away

In the 21st century, cell phones are a major part of society. But on a first date, don’t let your phone be a part of it. Don’t obsessively check Facebook, Twitter or your emails. Give your partner your undivided attention. And again, if your date is constantly on his cell phone rather than paying attention to you, that should be a reliable indicator of whether or not a second date should be in the cards.

Follow these six tips for a successful first date. Behave appropriately and hopefully the guy will do the same.

Dating can be a nerve-wracking thing, so we would like to leave you with this amusing video about what most women really want to ask a guy on a first date. Watch and enjoy!

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Romantically

a couple on a dinner dateIn a perfect world, you’d be able to tell if a guy wanted you with a push of a button. You wouldn’t have to stay up all night obsessing over the things he said; we’d have an answer right away.

Unfortunately, the world is far from perfect. There isn’t a surefire way to find out whether or not a guy is interested in you. If you want answers, you’ll have to get them for yourself viagra generika preisvergleich.

These tips can help you to figure out if a guy likes you romantically. If you want to know how he feels, give them a try.

1. See How He Responds To Your Messages

Pay close attention to how your guy responds to your messages. Does he respond right away, or take hours to reply? Are his messages short, or does he seem interested in what you have to say?

If most of your messages go ignored, he might not be that into you. However, if a guy always responds quickly, he’s probably interested in talking to you more.

2. See What Happens When You Don’t Make The First Move

Women are often told that guys like it when they play hard to get. While this can be helpful advice, it has the potential to backfire. If a girl doesn’t act interested, a guy is going to assume that she doesn’t care.

With that said, you can learn a lot if you avoid making the first move. If you’re the one who usually initiates conversation, don’t say anything. If you often come and find him at lunchtime, stay put.

If a guy is interested in you, he’ll want to know why you’re not acting the way you usually do. If he isn’t interested, he’s not going to care.

3. Give Him An Opening

Guys get just as nervous about dating as we do. Sometimes, guys wait weeks for the perfect opportunity to ask a girl out.

Give a guy the perfect opening and see how he responds. Talk about how you want to see a new movie, or how you’d love to try out a new coffee place. If he’s paying attention, he might just take advantage of the opportunity and ask you out on a date.

4. Ask Him Outright

The only way to know how a guy feels is to ask him. If you’ve tried fishing for answers, and you’re not getting any bites, ask the guy about his feelings point blank.

Asking a guy how he feels can be terrifying, but it’s not that scary when you think about it. If he’s not into you, you can move on and focus your attention on somebody else. If he is interested, you two can finally start dating. No matter what the outcome is, you win.

If you’re into a guy and want to know how he feels, follow the tips above. You’ll be able to get some answers and improve your dating life.

Top Ten Dating Tips For Women That Really Work!

a dating coupleDating can be a tricky business. There’s so much you need to think about to firstly catch the man you are after, but then to make sure he stays attracted to you and wants to then get into a proper relationship with you legal viagra kaufen. Here are our top ten dating tips for women who are looking for an enduring relationship:


Not every man appreciates or understands romance, chivalry, and romantic gestures. Don’t just give up on him for that, though. Take the time to show him by your example. He will soon learn how to treat you romantically and with respect.


Be a good listener. Men like to be shown respect so listen to his point of view. Don’t interrupt him and begin immediately arguing your point of view. Never be condescending. You can share your viewpoint, but arguing over matters is a quick way to end a relationship before it starts.

Be Playful

Be playful and have some fun. Having fun together is something that keeps a couple together more than any other single thing. Just because you are adults doesn’t mean you should act stuffy. Have some fun and be playful!

Understand Men

It is important to keep in mind that men are not mind readers. Even if you think your date should have some psychic ability to understand you and know what you like and want straight away, it is more than likely that he will have no idea until he gets to know you well. Also, men do not think like women, so if you are upset about something that he has done then it is important that you communicate it to him. He will not understand what you are upset about unless you tell him. He is not an insensitive beast — he is just a man. This comes back to our previous point above; communication is the key to making a relationship work.

Understand that men are interested in two things in the early stages of a relationship; Does he find you physically attractive and does he feel good around you? Say’s Evan Marckatz in his post about understanding men and what men really want form women. To read his full post you can see it here.

Don’t try to change him. If there is something you are unhappy with, he may not want to change it. You can try to lead by example and see if he follows. But the bottom line is: If he doesn’t want to change then you will either have to accept him the way he is if or find someone else you are more suited to.

Do not constantly bring up his past relationship failings. It’s fine to talk about past relationships when your relationship with your new man gets to that stage, but keep it brief. Most guys don’t like to hear about your past relationships in too much detail so in most cases, an overview is fine.

Never give your date the silent treatment. Ignoring a man when he hurts your feelings may seem to you like the most effective way to teach him a lesson. In reality, however, the silent treatment just doesn’t work. It is always better to talk things out.

Don’t be a drama queen. Guys really don’t like this behaviour. Don’t overreact to little things, cry or pout if things don’t go your way. Men may put up with it for a while, but they won’t put up with it indefinitely. If your feelings are hurt, however, talk about it rationally in an open and sharing way.

Treat your relationship as a partnership. There should never be a winner or a loser when it comes to a partnership. You will win or lose together. Issues that need to be resolved should strengthen the relationship, not favour one partner over the other.

If things don’t work out, don’t accept all the blame. No one person is ever entirely at fault when a relationship begins to falter. Never beat yourself up because you think it is all your fault. Accept responsibility where you should, but don’t take blame for something you did not do.

Here’s a great video to show you exactly how to get into his head so he can’t stop thinking of you. These techniques will drive him crazy, so don’t use them too often or he will be wanting to spend every moment with you!

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